Metacommerce  Metacommerce

Metacommerce is a SaaS-service for price and product-mix monitoring. We use Scala as the main programming language.

ScalikeJDBC is used to obtain analytical data from ClickHouse. Simplicity and flexibility ScalikeJDBC allows us to write complex queries to OLAP using specific database functionality.

Stephan Schmidt, CTO eventsofa  Stephan Schmidt, CTO eventsofa

ScalikeJDBC has made our life much easier. It provides a lot of power to write concise and reusable database code without the downsides of a full blown ORM.

ad-dice Co., Ltd.  ad-dice Co., Ltd.

ad-dice Co., Ltd. provides SoLoMoN which delivers IoT AI as a service.

We use ScalikeJDBC in almost all of our products. ScalikeJDBC is easy to use for many reasons. We love this product.

Maverick., Inc.  Maverick., Inc.

Maverick Inc builds Web advertisement platform based on the Data of human resources and provides O2O services.

We are programming by using Scala so it is the Biggest point that we can write the code as it is!! And also it is helpful to tuning of DB performance, because through ScalikeJDBC we can make complicated SQL safety and easy!

Zencom Ltd.  Zencom Ltd.

Zencom Ltd. is a local Internet Service Provider in Moscow Region, Russia.

We use ScalikeJDBC in several internal projects. It saved a lot of our time and nerve cells. Many thanks.

M3, Inc.  M3, Inc.

M3, Inc. is a Tokyo-based, global company whose mission is to help more people around the world live healthier, happier lives by reducing the cost of health care in Japan and abroad using technology and the Internet.

At M3 we use ScalikeJDBC in our production services, such as m3.com, our portal serving news and medical information to over 80% of Japanese doctors.

ScalikeJDBC is simple but powerful, and is rock-solid for us in our critical user-facing services.

Nulab Inc.  Nulab Inc.

Nulab Inc. develops services aimed at facilitating effective work communication and collaboration.

We use ScalikeJDBC because it has great features such as typesafe query DSL and SQLInterpolation. We love its simple APIs and high compatibility between the versions.

OPT, Inc.  OPT, Inc.

Opt, Inc. is an “e-marketing company” in Japan. With our strengths of Marketing and Technology, we support companies which aspire to sustainable growth.

We use ScalikeJDBC in various products. ScalikeJDBC is popular in our Scala projects because of its simple and type-safe interface.

Tadu.vn  Nguyen Duc Dung (Tadu.vn)

ScalikeJDBC is rock, It make sql easy to use and type safe. Just sql and we done. It’s amazing.

Tech to Value Tech To Value Co., Ltd.

Tech To Value builds web services and provides consultation services. ScalikeJDBC’s DB access layer is not only easy-to-use but secure.

Many of our customers choose ScalikeJDBC as core part of their projects.

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